Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

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تم النشر في 24 يونيو 2018
This is how you keep your fruits and veggies fresh for a longer time: 1- Lettuce: place in a food keeper, cover with a kitchen towel and place in the fridge 2- Avocado: to keep it from oxidation and turning brow, put it in a food keeper with an onion and place in the fridge 3- Banana: Cover the banana neck with a plastic wrap or separate them 4- Onion: Store the onions in a pored paper bag and keep out of the fridge 5- Mushrooms: store in paper bags and keep inside the fridge 6- Herbs: keep in a jar of water and cover with plastic wrap 7- Tomatoes: Remove the stems and place upside down in a place not reached by the sun 8- Apples: Cut to pieces and hold them together with an elastic band. To keep from oxidation, squeeze lemon juice on them 9- Strawberries: place in a bowl and soak with water and vinegar 10- Mulberries: place in a bowl and soak with water and vinegar. The vinegar kills with bacteria that ruin this type of fruits.